Failure to yield leaves Georgia man hospitalized after car crash

Motor vehicle accidents in Richmond County and elsewhere can happen in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, the law does allow for victims of car accidents to collect compensation for their personal injuries, but that may prove to be of only small consolation to the friends and family members of one who is injured or killed in an accident.

That is almost certainly true for one Georgia family that received tragic news late last month.

A man who was once the lawyer for James Brown was involved in an accident on Highway 171. According to a local news report, his truck struck the left side of a log-truck, causing his car to crash. The impact of the collision was so severe that he had to be airlifted to an Augusta hospital.

Troopers for the Georgia State Patrol charged the log-truck driver with a failure to yield. That may prove important for the injured man if he chooses to file a civil claim for personal injury against the driver. By filing such a claim, he may be able to collect compensation for his medical expenses as well as for his pain and suffering.

When victims are injured in a car accident through no fault of their own, they deserve compensation for their personal injuries. Like roads and highways anywhere, one cannot always account for the actions of other drivers in Richmond County.

By providing a mechanism to ensure that the at-fault driver is held responsible for a failure to drive with a due regard to the safety of others, victims are ensured that should they be injured in a car accident, they need not suffer financially. Contact a DUI defense lawyer in Boynton for more information.



Number of distracted driving accidents in Florida and elsewhere underreported

Last week we wrote about how the spread of smartphone use and smartphone application use is starting to contribute to the number of distracted driving car accidents. While we all know that distracted driving is a major cause of car crashes in Florida, the true extent of the distracted driving problem is unknown. Accurate distracted driving figures are currently hard to come by and traffic safety officials believe the number of distracted driving accidents is probably underreported.

Even though the collection of accurate information is difficult, distracted driving is on the rise. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 5,400 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2009 and among those accidents almost 1,000 were related to cell phone use. In addition, as the number of highway fatalities decrease in the United States the percentage of distracted driving fatalities increases. In 2005, distracted driving accounted for 10 percent of highway fatalities and in 2009 distracted driving accounted for 16 percent.

As distracted driving accidents trend upwards, the available statistics are probably only the tip of the iceberg. Data collection for car accidents begins with police reports, and police reports are entered into large federal databases where private analysts, university analysts and agency analysts use the information to develop policy. Police reports and findings from an Orlando drug possession attorney differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and the depth of an investigation may depend on the seriousness of the accident. Therefore there is a range in distracted driving accident information from no record to records that are overly detailed that are hard to standardize for database purposes.

The lack of uniform police reports results in poor information on distracted driving. Guidelines exist to help standardize crash information, but the guidelines are only voluntary, not supported by many car accident lawyers in Melville. Either way, we know distracted driving is dangerous and motorists should use their phones when not behind the wheel.

Settling IRS Tax Debt Through Mediation in New Jersey

When dealing with tax issues, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods are well on their way toward replacing much, if not all, of tax law litigation as it now exists. The reasons for this trend are clear and most IRS tax lawyers in NJ will agree that mediation offers several distinct advantages over traditional litigation.

IRS tax mediation is quite often less expensive for the parties involved since it limits the amount of time that the courts and the lawyers have to spend deciding issues later on.

It also gives you a lot more control and satisfaction concerning issues like assets, wage garnishment, and payments, than you would have if you simply left it up to the court to decide.

Another benefit of mediation is that it often takes considerably less time for a mediation settlement to be approved than for a traditional case to make its way through the court. This means that your tax case o can be finalized faster so that you can move on with your life.


How to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney After an Accident

Car accident attorneys are expected to provide exceptional legal services to those who have been injured, harmed, or killed at the hands of another. Well-established car accident lawyers have seen the toll a serious injury can take on an accident victim. The mission of these attorneys is to provide those people with the representation they need to successfully file a claim against the negligent party and recover damages for their injuries.

When looking for a Baton Rogue car accident attorney, you want someone who prides themselves in putting the best case forward and going to extra mile to help their clients. The best law firms utilize focus groups and sometimes mock trials to prepare the best case for trial. They will often do asset checks on the defendants to see if they have the ability to pay beyond the insurance limits. Additionally, they assist clients in securing pre-settlement funding to take off some of the financial strain of medical bills and lost wages during the pendency of the claim.

It’s important for all injury and accident victims to find an attorney they can trust to handle their cases with the utmost professionalism and care. Make sure your attorney has been providing car accident representation for several years and understands what is required to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. Experienced car accident attorneys have the knowledge, resources, and experience in handling all types of accident cases.

Get Started With Your Search

Regardless of how difficult or complex your case may be, there is an attorney out there who can help. Regardless of whether or not you think you even have a case, it’s worth speaking to a car accident attorney about. When you go in for a consultation, they will review your case, go over the options, as well as assist you with taking the appropriate legal action. They are there to help you get through a difficult time in your life, and advocate on your behalf in the courtroom.

After an accident, you have been through a lot emotionally, physically, and financially. By hiring an attorney, they can provide you with the guidance and representation you need to recover as much compensation as possible, so you can focus on healing and getting better, instead of worrying about the economic toll your accident has taken on your life.

If you are an accident or injury victim, find an accident injury attorney with a solid base of experience and skill to help you file a claim and recover the compensation you deserve. Make sure they have been able to help others successfully recover large settlements for their injuries by checking their online reviews. Finally, start calling to set a consultation with a couple attorneys you like most and pick the one you trust.

Anti-Piracy and Criminal Law

In addition to Information Security issues, our group also designs, develops and implements comprehensive Internet enforcement and compliance programs to combat the infringement and theft of companies’ intellectual property on the Internet and the abuse of Internet resources. Our goal is to help clients investigate, mitigate and deter losses from unlawful online activity, including the marketing and sale of pirated or counterfeit goods. To accomplish this mission, we conduct Internet investigations, pursue litigation and implement unique non-traditional pre-litigation strategies. All of these measures are designed to identify and recover clients’ losses and deter future misconduct with maximum efficiency.


  • Devising and executing Anti-Piracy strategies to protect clients’ intellectual property, including conducting Internet investigations, pursuing litigation under the DMCA, Copyright Act and Lanham Act and creating unique non-traditional solutions to deter piracy.
  • Using the group’s network of computer crime prosecutors to make criminal referrals of online intellectual property violations.
  • Using the DMCA subpoena power and notice and takedown provisions to identify infringers and remove infringing content.
  • Conducting online auction monitoring and enforcement to identify, recover and deter losses from auction-related intellectual property violations.
  • Making undercover purchases of pirated and counterfeit goods to develop evidence against target defendants.
  • Representing clients before Congress and federal agencies, and tracking and commenting on U.S. and Canadian legislation concerning piracy of intellectual property by John D. & Eric G. Johnson Law Firm, L.L.C..


  • Devising and implementing comprehensive anti-spam investigation and enforcement programs for corporations and e-mail service providers.
  • Advising clients on permissible electronic mail marketing practices.

Still Confused About How to File Your Taxes After Divorce?

Earlier this week, we discussed some options individuals have when filing their taxes for 2010 if they were divorced after Dec. 31, 2010. Individuals who signed their divorce decree or were legally separated on Jan. 1, 2011 or after can either file their 2010 taxes jointly with their ex-spouse or as married filing separately. We discussed the pros and cons of each situation, and hopefully we have been able to clear up some confusion for individuals this tax season. Today, we will discuss some tax tips for individuals who were legally separated or divorced on or before Dec. 31, 2010.

If you were legally separated or divorced before the end of 2010, then you are able to file your taxes as a single person without any penalties this tax season. However, before you claim your tax breaks, you should review your divorce settlement in order to see which tax breaks you are an eligible claim.

If you have children and you are the primary caregiver, then you should be eligible to claim the Head of Household status. You may also be eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit and Child and Dependent Credit. If you share custody with your ex-spouse, then the divorce agreement should state who is eligible to claim Head of Household status and other tax credits regarding your offspring.

An important thing to remember about child support is that the IRS does not tax this money. However, the government does consider spousal support as income. If you receive spousal support, be prepared to pay taxes on the amount you receive. Individuals are always encouraged to speak with an accountant in order to ensure that taxes are prepared correctly and so that individuals can receive their maximum refund or minimize the amount that is owed to the IRS.

Divorce attorneys in Illinois understand that this tax season may be especially stressful for those who were recently divorced or legally separated in 2010. Newly divorced individuals may just be realizing that divorce not only affects them emotionally, but it also affects them financially. However, there are many other individuals in Illinois who are just as confused and have similar questions about divorce and finances, and the Burch Law Firm hopes to help those individuals find the answers they need.

Toyota Car Crash a Case of Impairment

Speeding and driving while impaired significantly increase the risk of car accidents. Unfortunately, innocent victims and their families are often the ones who suffer when careless drivers make bad decisions. This is what recently happened in a fatal accident a mile and a half south of Kinder.

At approximately 10:50 last Friday night, a 45-year-old Leesville man was driving a 1996 Dodge Ram pickup truck north on U.S. Highway 165 near Kinder. There were three passengers in the vehicle with him, including a woman and a three-year-old child. While the man was proceeding to his destination, minding his own business, a 1999 Toyota Avalon struck the back of his truck.

The force of the impact caused the pickup to run off the roadway, roll over and ultimately strike a tree. The driver and two of his passengers died in the tragic collision. The other passenger, who remains unidentified at this time, sustained moderate injuries in the accident.

There were two men in the Toyota at the time of the crash, a 26-year-old from Alexandria and 33-year-old from Lake Charles. Both men suffered minor injuries in the collision. However, it is unclear who was driving the car, as both claim the other was behind the wheel when the accident occurred.

The police are currently investigating the fatal accident. At this point, a spokesperson reported that the Toyota was being driven “at a high rate of speed” and that impairment and speeding were likely contributing factors in the collision. Authorities took toxicology samples from the two men in the car, as well as the pickup truck driver. Ohio accident attorneys were beside themselves at the incident.

Hedge Fund International Trade Overview

International Trade Overview

Our qualified’s International Trade Practice assists global companies operating in today’s dynamic international environment. We counsel clients representing all segments of the global supply chain in international trade regulatory, legislative and litigation matters, with areas of concentration in:

  • Customs Law
  • Anti-dumping, Countervailing Duty, Safeguard Actions and other Trade Remedies
  • Export Controls
  • Sanctions and Boycotts
  • Antibribery Law
  • Compliance Programs and Audits
  • Section 337 Proceedings
  • Supply Chain Security Programs

Practice Overview

A special feature of the Our qualified trade practice is our ability to team with members of other practice groups – notably our corporate, e-business and intellectual property lawyers on complex international business transactions. Our qualified can help clients identify the full range of legal and regulatory issues raised by an international transaction and can quickly assemble a team of experts to address issues associated with cross-border transfers of capital, human resources, goods and technology.

Our qualified lawyers routinely represent clients before the various administrative agencies, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Court of International Trade and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Our International Trade Practice is located in our nation’s capital, which provides the necessary proximity to Capitol Hill and the many other government agencies integral to international trade. Our Washington presence and experience facilitates our contacts within those agencies and our ability to monitor upcoming legislation that may affect our clients.

Our lawyers also advise companies with market access problems abroad. We assist clients with the business, economic and regulatory environments of Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our qualified has established a unique relationship with attorneys, accounting firms and consultants around the world. Specifically, Our qualified is a participating member of Lex Mundi, an association of over 150 independent law firms located in more than 100 countries. Such professional ties enhance our ability to serve our clients.


Our Customs team frequently is consulted on issues affecting importers, carriers, brokers and others engaged in the importation process, such as:

  • Entry
  • Classification and Valuation
  • Seizures & Penalties
  • Informed Compliance
  • Prior Disclosures
  • Country of Origin Marking
  • Binding Rulings, Protest and Litigation
  • Special Customs Programs & Procedures
  • Other Agency Requirements
  • Supply Chain Security Programs

A lawyer for hedge funds understands the many aspects of owning a business and managing a hedgefund.

More Older Drivers May Mean More Fatal Car Accidents

The aging population of baby boomers will create a large population of drivers 65 and older. Not only will this population face the issue of how to remain safe and avoid car accidents on the road, they will also face the challenge of remaining mobile because so many aging baby boomers will live out their golden years in their suburban homes.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board one in five drivers with be age 65 or older in the next 15 years. The number of drivers age 65 and older today is around 30 million. According to the Government Accountability Office that number will increase to 57 million by the year 2030. Coupled with these statistics is the fact that people normally outlive their ability to drive. On average men normally outlive their ability to drive by six years. Women on average outlive their ability to drive by 10 years. In addition, fewer retirees are choosing to relocate and will continue to live in suburbs. The implication of all these factors is that seniors may face mobility issues and their ability to drive fades,

Though older drivers are often stereotyped for being dangerous drivers, healthy elderly drivers are no more dangerous than younger drivers. However, age-related medical conditions can affect the elderly’s ability to drive. For example, a 40-year-old driver needs 20 times more light to see at night than a 20-year-old. Generally, older drivers also have slower reflexes and take longer to judge speed and distance than younger drivers. Older drivers are also less flexible and decreased flexibility can impede a driver’s ability to look behind and around the automobile.

The age at which the rate of fatal car accidents begins to increase in comparison to other driver age groups is at the age of 75. The rate of fatal accidents increases as age increases past age 75. Drivers age 85 and older suffer higher rates of fatality than teenage drivers and drivers in their early 20s. The major reason why elderly drivers suffer fatal car accidents is because they are more frail than younger drivers and are therefore not as likely to survive an accident and need a Shreveport DWI lawyer after. The majority of the time drivers age 70 or older kill themselves in car crashes they cause. Only sixteen percent of elderly drivers die as passengers.



Seat Belt Use Differs Across the Country

The culture around the use of seat belts has changed a lot in United States since the early 1980’s. Today many of us take it for granted that using a seat belt in a serious car accident will reduce the chance of injury or even death. The obvious benefit of seat belt use is not as clear to some because one in seven adults still do not wear a seat belt every time they use a motor vehicle.

Culture and seat belt safety laws may offer an explanation to the statistic because some areas of the country routinely wear seat belts more than other regions. The West Coast states of California, Oregon and Washington lead the country in the highest percentage of regular seat belt use. Oregon leads the country with 94 percent of people there reporting that they always wear a seat belt. California came in second with 93.2 percent, and Washington came in third with 92 percent.

The Plains states of North Dakota and South Dakota came in last place and second to last in the percentage of people living those respective states that say they always wear a seat belt. The percentage of people who always wear a seat belt in North Dakota is 59.2 percent and in South Dakota it is 59.7 percent.

There may be a correlation with the type of seat belt laws on the books in different states and the percentage of people who say they always wear their seat belt. The West Coast states all have mandatory seat belt laws where police can pull a vehicle over if they believe an occupant is not wearing a seat belt. In comparison, North and South Dakota have laws were an officer may issue a seat belt ticket only after pulling the vehicle over for another reason. Regardless of a state’s seat belt law, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that seat belts significantly reduce car accident injuries.