Anti-Piracy and Criminal Law

In addition to Information Security issues, our group also designs, develops and implements comprehensive Internet enforcement and compliance programs to combat the infringement and theft of companies’ intellectual property on the Internet and the abuse of Internet resources. Our goalĀ is to help clients investigate, mitigate and deter losses from unlawful online activity, including the marketing and sale of pirated or counterfeit goods. To accomplish this mission, we conduct Internet investigations, pursue litigation and implement unique non-traditional pre-litigation strategies. All of these measures are designed to identify and recover clients’ losses and deter future misconduct with maximum efficiency.


  • Devising and executing Anti-Piracy strategies to protect clients’ intellectual property, including conducting Internet investigations, pursuing litigation under the DMCA, Copyright Act and Lanham Act and creating unique non-traditional solutions to deter piracy.
  • Using the group’s network of computer crime prosecutors to make criminal referrals of online intellectual property violations.
  • Using the DMCA subpoena power and notice and takedown provisions to identify infringers and remove infringing content.
  • Conducting online auction monitoring and enforcement to identify, recover and deter losses from auction-related intellectual property violations.
  • Making undercover purchases of pirated and counterfeit goods to develop evidence against target defendants.
  • Representing clients before Congress and federal agencies, and tracking and commenting on U.S. and Canadian legislation concerning piracy of intellectual property by John D. & Eric G. Johnson Law Firm, L.L.C..


  • Devising and implementing comprehensive anti-spam investigation and enforcement programs for corporations and e-mail service providers.
  • Advising clients on permissible electronic mail marketing practices.