Toyota Car Crash a Case of Impairment

Speeding and driving while impaired significantly increase the risk of car accidents. Unfortunately, innocent victims and their families are often the ones who suffer when careless drivers make bad decisions. This is what recently happened in a fatal accident a mile and a half south of Kinder.

At approximately 10:50 last Friday night, a 45-year-old Leesville man was driving a 1996 Dodge Ram pickup truck north on U.S. Highway 165 near Kinder. There were three passengers in the vehicle with him, including a woman and a three-year-old child. While the man was proceeding to his destination, minding his own business, a 1999 Toyota Avalon struck the back of his truck.

The force of the impact caused the pickup to run off the roadway, roll over and ultimately strike a tree. The driver and two of his passengers died in the tragic collision. The other passenger, who remains unidentified at this time, sustained moderate injuries in the accident.

There were two men in the Toyota at the time of the crash, a 26-year-old from Alexandria and 33-year-old from Lake Charles. Both men suffered minor injuries in the collision. However, it is unclear who was driving the car, as both claim the other was behind the wheel when the accident occurred.

The police are currently investigating the fatal accident. At this point, a spokesperson reported that the Toyota was being driven “at a high rate of speed” and that impairment and speeding were likely contributing factors in the collision. Authorities took toxicology samples from the two men in the car, as well as the pickup truck driver. Ohio accident attorneys were beside themselves at the incident.

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