Failure to yield leaves Georgia man hospitalized after car crash

Motor vehicle accidents in Richmond County and elsewhere can happen in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, the law does allow for victims of car accidents to collect compensation for their personal injuries, but that may prove to be of only small consolation to the friends and family members of one who is injured or killed in an accident.

That is almost certainly true for one Georgia family that received tragic news late last month.

A man who was once the lawyer for James Brown was involved in an accident on Highway 171. According to a local news report, his truck struck the left side of a log-truck, causing his car to crash. The impact of the collision was so severe that he had to be airlifted to an Augusta hospital.

Troopers for the Georgia State Patrol charged the log-truck driver with a failure to yield. That may prove important for the injured man if he chooses to file a civil claim for personal injury against the driver. By filing such a claim, he may be able to collect compensation for his medical expenses as well as for his pain and suffering.

When victims are injured in a car accident through no fault of their own, they deserve compensation for their personal injuries. Like roads and highways anywhere, one cannot always account for the actions of other drivers in Richmond County.

By providing a mechanism to ensure that the at-fault driver is held responsible for a failure to drive with a due regard to the safety of others, victims are ensured that should they be injured in a car accident, they need not suffer financially. Contact a DUI defense lawyer in Boynton for more information.



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