Woman Seriously Injured After Being Hit By Semi-Truck

Semi-trucks are extremely large and powerful vehicles. Because of this, truck accidents frequently result in serious injury or even death. In a recent Florida crash, a woman was severely injured when she was hit by a semi-truck after stopping her vehicle near the highway.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident took place last week on Interstate 75 when a woman pulled her vehicle into the emergency lane. The woman reportedly got out of her car as a semi-truck was approaching in the lane closest to her.

Officials say the woman stepped over the white line that marks the edge of the outside lane. The semi-truck driver said he saw the woman, and she appeared to be preparing to enter the highway lane he was in. The driver reported that the woman ran into the lane, turned her back to the truck and kept moving forward. He says he could not move into a different lane because cars were in the way. He eventually struck the woman.

Other nearby vehicles saw the accident, and a few stopped to help the woman. They found her lying unconscious in the road. Members of Marion County Fire Rescue responded to the accident. The woman was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. She is said to be in critical condition.

This accident illustrates the powerful impact that semi-trucks can have on pedestrians or smaller vehicles. It is important for all Florida drivers to take precautions when driving so as to prevent serious car accidents.  Regardless of where you are, personal injuries can still happen to you, especially on the highway. If you’re located in central Louisiana, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your reliable Alexandria personal injury lawyers.

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