Georgia lawmakers: current laws good enough for cell phone ban

This week, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended a ban on all cell phone use while driving, stirring up debates across the nation. Lawmakers here in Georgia were quick to weigh in, noting that Georgia already has a ban on texting while driving and a full ban on cell phone use for anyone under the age of 18.
Some lawmakers said the ban currently in place is sufficient. They added that some businesses need their employees to talk on the phone while driving, and implementing a full ban on their use would hamper business. Even though some lawmakers and brooklyn car accident lawyers don’t think the government should act on the NTSB’s recommendation, drivers who’ve been in a car accident where the other driver was using a cell phone see a great need for a ban.
Some officials didn’t directly endorse a ban, but acknowledged cell phones are a distraction. A spokesperson for UPS, which is based in Atlanta, said their business bans all use of cell phones while driving.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one lawmaker said he just puts his phone on speaker phone and sets it on his dash. What if the phone slid off the dash? The phone could still distract drivers in other ways, which is why the NTSB suggested a ban even on hands-free cell phone use. Portland car accident lawyers are on the rise because of cell phone use and sometimes these accidents have deadly consequences. The NTSB made the recommendation after finding a massive pile up that injured 38 people and killed two others may have been caused by atexting driver.

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