Professional chef helps invent bicycle safety technology

A professional chef has helped create a novel technology meant to assist those who get injured in bicycle accidents or other action sports. The chef, Biju Thomas, is known for his cooking and makes race day meals for professional bicyclists like Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer. He may soon be known for another creation but this conception will potentially be worn by the 57 million bicyclists in the United States and more.

Thomas came up with an idea to create a safety device that works in conjunction with a special fabric that determines whether a cyclist has suffered an injury impact. The safety system is comprised of a helmet that is outfitted with a fabric that contains sensors and a wireless communications device that fits in the air vent of a bicycle helmet. When a rider suffers impact the sensors measure the impact using algorithms designed to determine whether a clinically significant impact has occurred. If the sensors determine that a clinically significant impact has occurred then the wireless device communicates with the user’s cell phone, which is then prompted to alert medical services and their car accident lawyers Florida.

The chef thought of the idea after being around bicyclists and being a bicyclist himself for so long. Thomas believes such a system was necessary because bicyclists train alone for hours and are often far away from emergency services. The idea also comes at a time when concussions and traumatic brain injury have gained attention in the news. The safety system will help deliver quick medical attention, which is important for diagnostics in brain injury situations. Beyond bike accidents, the chef hopes to market the device, the SenseTech HALO, to snowboarders and skiers.

Lewd Acts With A Minor And Lewd Conduct In Public

The law governing lewd acts with a child (California Penal Code 288) is extremely broad in the way it defines lewd acts. It can include touching a child or minor anywhere on their body. Under the law, even a hug or a kiss on the cheek can be charged as a lewd act — if the prosecution believes there was a sexual motive.

we know how to fight overzealous prosecutors who seem more interested in appearing tough on child sexual abuse than on what actually happened in a particular case.

If you have been charged with lewd acts, lewd or lascivious conduct, indecent exposure or any other sex crime in Southern California, we can help. Contact our office today for a free, completely confidential with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.



1) If you are charged with lewd acts and you are convicted or plead guilty, you could face time in state prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Even after you have served your time, you will continue to face consequences. It may be difficult or impossible to find work. Your reputation in the community will almost certainly be ruined.

2) Even a conviction for public indecency (indecent exposure, lewd conduct in public, public urination, etc.) may result in your being labeled a sex offender. If you are required to register as a sex offender and you fail to register, you could face time in prison.

3) False allegations happen frequently. Everybody — police, prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys — knows this. And yet men and women continue to be charged with child molestation or lewd acts with a minor based on unsupported allegations or outright lies. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of individuals facing serious criminal charges based on false allegations.


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Water Pollution Matters

We have extensive experience in New Source Review issues, including major emitting sources in urban non-attainment areas. Our Florida FDCPA lawyers have also been involved in the only successful challenge to EPA’s redesignation policy for ozone non-attainment areas, have successively litigated the primacy of state interpretations over U.S. EPA’s contrary interpretations of state implementation plan requirements, have been involved in the sale and donation of air emission rights, and have assisted clients in securing favorable Title V permit terms throughout the United States. Our understanding of the available options for a permit flexibility have facilitated permits that are at the forefront of simplicity and flexibility allowed to our clients’ plants.

Finally, our understanding of the nuances of air emission testing and compliance requirements under the 1990 Amendments of the Clean Air Act allows us to work directly with plant personnel to obtain realistic construction operating permits and to defend enforcement actions which are based upon unreliable information.

Key to Highest Level of Employment Issues

Our approach is based on maintaining the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and service quality. While the recruitment service used may vary, the rigour of the process does not. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we can achieve optimal and time-efficient solutions.

A structured client briefing ensures that we gain a detailed understanding of the real client need and that the objectives are clear and mutually agreed. We use our specialist sector knowledge to provide pertinent advice and to enable an optimal approach to be achieved quickly.

Assignment planning 
We agree an action plan with our client, which includes our recruitment strategy, process and milestone dates for achieving the key stages. We also prepare and agree a briefing document for candidates.

Candidate identification
Our search process is thorough and structured. Our specialist knowledge and our wide range of contacts in our industry sectors ensures that we can achieve our objectives quickly and effectively. We can provide detailed advice on media selection, where appropriate, and are skilled in producing well targeted copy which achieves results.

Our interviews are well structured and focused on the experience and competency profiles sought. Our candidate briefing is thorough and proactively managed about legal SEO and marketing.

Candidate selection
Candidate selection is objective and our reports are clearly written and presented. These reports contain full biographical and career history information and our evaluation of each candidate’s suitability for the position.

Relationship management
We manage the client/candidate interface proactively to ensure that communication is clear. This includes support throughout the negotiating phase to facilitate a successful conclusion. We maintain close contact with the client and candidate after acceptance of offer, to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Service development
We critically evaluate each assignment at its conclusion to ensure that we can continuously improve the way we work with our clients and to optimise our outcomes.

Georgia lawmakers: current laws good enough for cell phone ban

This week, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended a ban on all cell phone use while driving, stirring up debates across the nation. Lawmakers here in Georgia were quick to weigh in, noting that Georgia already has a ban on texting while driving and a full ban on cell phone use for anyone under the age of 18.
Some lawmakers said the ban currently in place is sufficient. They added that some businesses need their employees to talk on the phone while driving, and implementing a full ban on their use would hamper business. Even though some lawmakers and brooklyn car accident lawyers don’t think the government should act on the NTSB’s recommendation, drivers who’ve been in a car accident where the other driver was using a cell phone see a great need for a ban.
Some officials didn’t directly endorse a ban, but acknowledged cell phones are a distraction. A spokesperson for UPS, which is based in Atlanta, said their business bans all use of cell phones while driving.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one lawmaker said he just puts his phone on speaker phone and sets it on his dash. What if the phone slid off the dash? The phone could still distract drivers in other ways, which is why the NTSB suggested a ban even on hands-free cell phone use. Portland car accident lawyers are on the rise because of cell phone use and sometimes these accidents have deadly consequences. The NTSB made the recommendation after finding a massive pile up that injured 38 people and killed two others may have been caused by atexting driver.