Professional chef helps invent bicycle safety technology

A professional chef has helped create a novel technology meant to assist those who get injured in bicycle accidents or other action sports. The chef, Biju Thomas, is known for his cooking and makes race day meals for professional bicyclists like Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer. He may soon be known for another creation but this conception will potentially be worn by the 57 million bicyclists in the United States and more.

Thomas came up with an idea to create a safety device that works in conjunction with a special fabric that determines whether a cyclist has suffered an injury impact. The safety system is comprised of a helmet that is outfitted with a fabric that contains sensors and a wireless communications device that fits in the air vent of a bicycle helmet. When a rider suffers impact the sensors measure the impact using algorithms designed to determine whether a clinically significant impact has occurred. If the sensors determine that a clinically significant impact has occurred then the wireless device communicates with the user’s cell phone, which is then prompted to alert medical services and their car accident lawyers Florida.

The chef thought of the idea after being around bicyclists and being a bicyclist himself for so long. Thomas believes such a system was necessary because bicyclists train alone for hours and are often far away from emergency services. The idea also comes at a time when concussions and traumatic brain injury have gained attention in the news. The safety system will help deliver quick medical attention, which is important for diagnostics in brain injury situations. Beyond bike accidents, the chef hopes to market the device, the SenseTech HALO, to snowboarders and skiers.

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