Water Pollution Matters

We have extensive experience in New Source Review issues, including major emitting sources in urban non-attainment areas. Our Florida FDCPA lawyers have also been involved in the only successful challenge to EPA’s redesignation policy for ozone non-attainment areas, have successively litigated the primacy of state interpretations over U.S. EPA’s contrary interpretations of state implementation plan requirements, have been involved in the sale and donation of air emission rights, and have assisted clients in securing favorable Title V permit terms throughout the United States. Our understanding of the available options for a permit flexibility have facilitated permits that are at the forefront of simplicity and flexibility allowed to our clients’ plants.

Finally, our understanding of the nuances of air emission testing and compliance requirements under the 1990 Amendments of the Clean Air Act allows us to work directly with plant personnel to obtain realistic construction operating permits and to defend enforcement actions which are based upon unreliable information.

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